February 2016

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Good faith is generally understood to mean honesty or sincerity of intention. But in the law, things are often not as straightforward as that. It has been called an intangible and abstract quality and said to include such concepts as an honest belief, the absence of malice and the absence of fraud. It has also been said that good faith is an individual concept borne from the minds of men as derived from their inner spirit such that it may not be evidenced by words alone. (more…)

Although the news is filled with stories of falling oil and gas prices and suggestions that a third of the exploration and production companies may file for bankruptcy, this most recent downturn may not produce the bankruptcy filing boom many anticipate. True, some overleveraged E&Ps  will likely file, if for no other reason than to provide an orderly transfer of their reserves and their attendant plugging and abandonment liabilities. These cases will likely involve quick Section 363 sales, or now more likely, debt for equity transactions, but service providers such as vessel operators, rig operators and other suppliers will likely not find filing petitions for relief particularly useful – nor might their lenders. (more…)