This blog was created to assist asset managers, in-house counsel, lenders, servicers, trustees and receivers. Our posts strive to cover all manner of restructuring, bankruptcy and workout issues, and are designed to help those in the industry keep abreast of the root problems of financial distress and the ever-changing tools available to address those problems.

We know that no two distressed situations are alike. Sometimes financial issues arise as the result of operational problems, other times a property may be the target of an equity dispute, or a business or income-producing property may become the central player in a family disagreement, market failure, or even a natural disaster.  We work with our clients to solve troubled corporate situations in an effort to maximize recovery using the best, most cost-efficient processes for the particular circumstances, whether it’s a workout, responding to a bankruptcy filing, instituting a foreclosure, or invoking a receivership.

Our experience is broad. Members of our team have handled it all, including distressed real estate loans in the multi-family, long-term care, senior housing and retail industries. We have represented landlords and tenants in complex restructurings as well as senior lenders and unsecured creditors in nearly every industry, including manufacturing, gaming, retail and agriculture.